With over Twelve years of experience in successfully providing Custom & Product Software Development solutions for customers across the globe, we have honed our processes and skills to cater to your specific business needs. Today our customers, who include small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies, are completely satisfied with outsourcing their custom software development to us. We have Implemented projects globally in Dubai, Netherlands, Philippines, China, France & USA.

Idea System

Idea System is suggestion software application where employees can enter their ideas details into the software.

  • Centralize System
  • Points & Gifts
  • Easy to use

Labeling System

Manufacturing Labeling System, is a centralized Global database system to generate Unit Serial no labels.

  • Centralize System
  • Uniform formats
  • Easy to use

Repair Center Workflow Process

Repair Center Workflow Process, is a centralized database application that records all the activities in the repair center .

  • Centralize system
  • Enforcement
  • Repair Data Analysis

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